Workshops at children's summer camps in Cyprus

  • Awareness
  • 05/04/2018
  • Cyprus Safer Internet Centre

Following on from the successful delivery of a series of workshops, titled "Creative and safe use of the internet", in Cyprus during summer of 2017, a commemorative album has been created to share good online safety practices.

The workshops, which took place at children's summer camps, were successfully delivered by the Department of Education Technology of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. In particular, within the framework of the co-financed European programme "CyberSafety - Better Internet for Kids" (the national awareness centre), the Department of Education Technology of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute held a series of 14 workshops at the camps of the Parents and Guardians' Association of Elementary Schools of Limassol in Platres and of the Pancyprian Public Employees' Trade Union (PA.SY.DY) in Troodos, from 3 July 2017 to 21 August 2017.

During the workshops, 1,466 children and 119 counsellors from all over Cyprus were informed by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute's officers about the opportunities and dangers of the internet, along with information on the operation of the 1480 helpline and hotline services. Through exploratory and active learning, as well as group experiential activities, children had the opportunity to discuss issues both critically and creatively on the themes of cyberbullying, excessive use of digital technologies and the internet, managing personal data on the internet, and overcoming internet challenges by making good choices. At the end of the group practice, children had the opportunity to create banners and digital presentations, presenting their own messages and advice about the internet to the rest of the children, their teachers and their parents.

The Department of Education Technology of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute published and shared the children's overall activity in a printed commemorative album, and used the child-generated material appropriately so that these children can serve as ambassadors of best practices and messages of the safe use of the internet to other children, teachers and parents. View the commemorative album here.

 Find out more about the work of the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre (SIC), including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services.


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