#TogetherForRespect - what happened on Safer Internet Day?

An online world free from bullying, racism and intolerance. This was the theme co-created by Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Ambassadors during the 2017 edition of the Safer Internet Forum (SIF), as they launched a first youth participation scenario, #TogetherForRespect.

In their campaign, the youngsters identified a number of gaps in existing awareness-raising programmes – most importantly, they felt that campaigns tackling bullying and/or hate speech often lack authenticity – they are not built around a "true" story and hence have limited appeal to youth. They worked together on a peer-to-peer youth participation scenario in an open call for internet users to share their digital experiences and, most importantly, what they have done to support and share respect online. Read more about the campaign and watch the launch video on the BIK Youth minisite.

What have BIK Youth Ambassadors been up to since their campaign launch? How have they shaped the #TogetherForRespect campaign and what have they achieved in their countries, among their peers?

Their first feedback was shared in written follow-up testimonials published on the BIK Youth minisite. Continuing their work on the #TogetherForRespect campaign, the Youth Ambassadors embraced Safer Internet Day as a good opportunity to "Create, connect, and share respect" given that "A better internet starts with you!". Wrapping up their campaign, they gathered video testimonials displaying their enthusiasm, perseverance and belief in a better internet. Watch their testimonials here:

To find out more about the #TogetherForRespect campaign, check out the corresponding YouTube channel here. For social media content addressing youth, follow the @BIK_youth Twitter channel.

If you have published a video, message, resource or any other best practice on the #TogetherForRespect campaign or its general ethos, and wish to share it with our BIK Youth Ambassadors, please let us know!


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