Brazil celebrates Safer Internet Day for the 10th time

  • Awareness
  • 17/03/2018
  • Brazilian Safer Internet Day Committee

SaferNet Brasil and the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, with support from Facebook, Google and Telefonica, and in partnership with UNICEF, the Federal Prosecutors Office, Twitter and other Brazilian organisations, recently celebrated Safer Internet Day for the tenth time in Brazil.

In addition to the online buzz, 89 awareness-raising activities took place, directly engaging more than 73,000 young people, parents and educators in 48 different cities and 19 states. The day was heavily featured in the press, with more than 250 news items. Key activities included:
  • A multistakeholder Hub event.
  • A workshop with teenagers at Facebook Hack Station São Paulo.
  • A YouTube launch of new safety videos with Brazilian youth creators.
  • SaferNet online safety e-learning courses for educators.
  • Creation of a Brazilian Safer Internet Day Youth Ambassadors group.
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Collage of images from the Brazil SID 2018 event
The Hub event took place in São Paulo, bringing together key stakeholders including Facebook, Google and YouTube, law enforcement agencies, representatives from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology, YouTubers, paediatricians, researchers and civil society representatives that are creating content to make a safer and better internet in Brazil. The meeting was lived streamed, with the recordings made available on the SID Brazil website at
Workshops at the Brazil SID 2018 event
The workshop with teenagers, organised at the Facebook Hack Station São Paulo, was a great opportunity to create, connect and share ideas to promote respect online. During a hands-on session, the group suggested new approaches and strategies to stimulate peers' communication to promote respectful relationships both on and offline, as their lives are deeply connected across these two spheres.
YouTube channel for Brazilian SID 2018 videos
Google and YouTube Brazil announced four new videos with tips and reflections about respect and safety online, strengthening peer communications and offering new materials to be used by parents and teachers. Taking the opportunity of having youth creators with established large audiences, this new content spread easily and helped to amplify awareness campaigns. Watch the videos on YouTube.
With Google's support, SaferNet developed a new online course with 40 hours of content to amplify public school teacher training around digital citizenship, tackling the issues of online rights, cyberbullying, online sexualities and digital safety. The first round of this course will be delivered in partnership with public secretariats of education as part of educational public policies and agendas.
New resources for SID 2018 in Brazil
Another really great activity on the occasion of SID was a first meeting to establish Brazilian SID Youth Ambassadors. Ten youth leaders, from all Brazilian regions, coordinated meetings and mobilisations in their cities as ambassadors, helping to create news forms of activities and bringing forward new generations as organisers of SID activities. Read more about the youth ambassadors on the SaferNet website.
Teacher training event at SID 2018 celebrations in Brazil
Collage of Brazilian youth activities on SID 2018
Also during the tenth celebration of SID in Brazil, launched new educational resources for children and parents to support intergenerational dialogue about online safety, while a new project with SaferNet will offer four full day and free workshops to educators throughout 2018 at São Paulo - SP to train trainers and share educational resources to promote digital safety and literacy. The full agenda is available from the SaferNet website.
New Brazilian resource
SaferNet Brasil would like to thank Insafe, INHOPE and all Brazilian partners for their support, and especially all the children, young people, teachers and parents that engaged in SID 2018 activities to help create, connect and share respect online.
See the Brazilian Safer Internet Day Committee profile page for further information on SID celebrations in the country.
Images copyright of SaferNet Brasil.

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