Participating in a "Live Library" on SID 2018

  • Awareness
  • 14/03/2018
  • Fanni Borbás, Hungarian youth panellist and BIK Youth ambassador

Safer Internet Day (SID) was celebrated on Tuesday, 6 February 2018 right across the globe, and many of our BIK Youth ambassadors took place in activities in their respective countries. Here, Fanni from Hungary reflects on her participation in the day.

Safer Internet Day was celebrated on 6 February 2018 in several countries across the world. In Hungary, we came together and had a celebration too.
Nowadays we couldn't imagine our life without the internet. Besides the countless possibilities it gives us, we should focus on making it a better place for ourselves and mostly for the upcoming generation. The day's slogan summarised the way in which you can do this: "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you".
In Hungary, the International Children's Safety Service (the awareness raising component of the Hungarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) organised an event where experts, teachers, students and anyone with an interest could meet and share previous experiences, give or get some advice, and generally discuss the big questions relating to today's online world.
We had a fabulous time together in a very modern and comfortable office space that Microsoft had kindly provided for the day. As was the case in previous SID celebrations, there was an opportunity for students to think more about the importance of using the internet safely before this day. A short video and a novel-writing competition on this theme had been organised and proved very successful. Many students and teams submitted creative work that was awarded on the day.
SID 2018 event in Hungary
After the awards ceremony, the audience had the opportunity to visit the "Live Library" - an interactive discussion centre. Everybody could look around the tables and ask questions of experts from different fields such as cybercrime, psychology, media and communications. In addition, students could talk with hackers and with the Hungarian youth panel too. Márton Sós and I represented the youth panel and, after some hearing about game cheats from the previous stop, we were waiting for the kid's questions with an open mind. They were very curious about the always-changing world. They wanted to know everything about the latest applications, the dangers and the risks of the internet, and the secrets of maintaining a safe account. The most popular theme was making new friends and keeping touch with them online. Furthermore, we talked about computer games and tried to figure out what the future will holds for us.
See the Hungarian Safer Internet Day profile page for further information.
Find out more about the work of the Hungarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services.
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