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Following Safer Internet Day 2018, we've heard from a number of SID Supporters on how they marked the day. Here, Silja Nielsen, Head of Community and Safety at Momio, comments on their actions for a better internet.

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day in all of EU. True to tradition, we celebrate it on Momio – for a full week!

We call this theme week Better Internet Week, and it is my favourite time on Momio. It's fun to prepare, and reading the children's thoughts is fascinating. Even when we think that a topic like fake news might be a bit challenging for the kids, we get amazed by their answers. They know things, they have their own opinions, they discuss, they ask. What more could we want?

Here are some highlights of the week!

Online Role Models
Our society has started to understand that the time kids spend online is not wasted. In many cases, quite the contrary! We know that kids follow artists and influencers, and were curious to find out who their online role models are.

YouTube stars were mentioned a lot. The stars vary from country to country, but the comments are similar in all countries:

  • She is so funny and friendly!
  • He always brightens my day!
  • I learn so much from his videos – and they're funny!
  • She has shown me that it's OK to say what you think, even if most people don't think that way.
  • I get inspired!

Maybe some of the videos seem odd or even annoying to us grown-ups, but they sure make a difference in kids' lives!

Nobody likes fake news
The generation growing up now has to be able to spot fake news in a scale we've never seen before. We asked what the kids think of fake news. They don't like them (phew!), and shared stories and tips on the topic.

"Fake news are disgusting. When I was younger, I heard that a war is coming. I got really scared and started to cry. It took ages for my mom to convince me that it's not true. It's a shame that people tell lies that will scare others. It's not fair towards those who don't know how to spot the lies among the truth."

"How to spot fake news? Cross-check! See if any other paper writes the same thing."

Knowing who to talk to
The internet is full of great things, but like always when a bunch of people are gathered, things can go wrong. It's important that children share bad experiences with someone, so they can get the help and understanding they need and deserve. Momio's police officer Jack asked what kids do in these situations, and the answers delighted us. They share with parents, siblings, friends and pets, and they report to the service in question.

Find out more
The theme of better internet continues on Momio all week. During the rest of the week, we will cover topics like positivity, empathy and faceless communication. Ask your child to give you a #BetterInternetWeek tour on Momio! And see our Twitter for more highlights!

Visit the Momio Safer Internet Day Supporter profile page for further information.

This article was originally published on the Momio blog and is reproduced here with permission.

Picture: Alberte B. from Momio Denmark

About the author:
Silja Nielsen is Head of Community and Safety at Momio. She has worked at the company since 2010. Silja has a master's degree in Media Studies and is interested in privacy, online behaviour and online communities.

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