Over 1,100 Romanian children joined the fight against cyberbullying

  • Awareness
  • 07/12/2017
  • Romanian Safer Internet Centre

The competition #WithoutHateOnline took place from June to September 2017 with the aim of combating and preventing online bullying, a phenomenon which is quite widespread among Romanian children. More than 69 per cent of Romanian youth report having encountered bullying on the internet.

This is why the Romanian Ora de Net team (part of the Romanian Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) joined up with popular singers and online influencers Alina Eremia, Mircea Eremia, Andrei Leonte, Ami, Ana Baniciu and Liviu Teodorescu, in order to fill the internet with positive messages that would reach a great number of teenagers. Each ambassador posted a video on his or her social media account in which they described their own personal experience with cyberbullying. At the end of the video there was a call to action for youngsters to enter the Ora de Net website - www.oradenet.ro - and create positive messages against cyberbullying and hatred online.

The most creative and meaningful messages were then chosen by the ambassadors and printed on t-shirts that were sent to the winners. The ambassadors also wore the t-shirts as a statement that they value kindness and understanding and stand against cyberbullying.
The campaign also benefited from a pre-launch event, held in a school in Bucharest, where three of the ambassadors spoke to the 120 children present and those watching on a live feed online. The campaign reached over 220,000 people online, with more than 1,100 sending messages #WithoutHateOnline.


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