BEE SECURE celebrates its fifth anniversary

  • Awareness
  • 05/11/2015
  • Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre

Five years is a long time in the internet age, and so its definitely a reason for BEE SECURE, the Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre, to come together with its partners and supporters to look back on the past.

On 9 October 2015, around 100 guests gathered at the Forum Geesseknäppchen where all sorts of ‘props' from the last five years were on display, with awareness campaigns being a particular focal point. Since 2010, they have made BEE SECURE the country's most important contact point for the safe use of technology.
There was, for instance, the password campaign that compared passwords to toothbrushes: A good password is like a toothbrush: choose carefully, change regularly, do not share it with others, and make sure to use one! Likewise, in 2011, the Safer Internet - Safer Sex campaign linked sex education and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) to computer education and malware.
During the following years, and up to this day, BEE SECURE dedicates every school year to a contemporary topic: cybermobbing (cyberbullying), the balanced use of computers, online scams and, starting in autumn 2015, cloud computing.
Marc Hansen, State Secretary of Education, Youth, and Family, as well as Francine Closener, State Secretary of Economics, were able to witness the importance of awareness raising for safe handling of new media. Like everybody who is involved, they are looking forward to working together over the coming years, during which many a challenge will certainly be overcome. Before the distinguished guests could finally cut the birthday cake, the representatives of the three partners that lead BEE SECURE together took the word: Pascal Steichen from SMILE g.i.e. announced the new campaign Clever Cloud User, while Barbara Gorges-Wagner from the Kanner-Jugentelefon discussed the challenges of the BEE SECURE Helpline and Stopline, followed by Eric Krier from the SNJ (National Youth Service) who presented the activities in the youth domain.  
For the guests, it was an entertaining and very informative evening full of surprises, last but not least thanks to a power show by Georges Christen, Luxembourg's strongest man.

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