Insafe resources: Web We Want - a handbook for teens

The internet is a place where curiosity and creativity can thrive and where you develop a wide range of skills in a seemingly less threatening manner. Nevertheless it holds certain pitfalls for the unwary. As in all other aspects of life, education is essential to foster more reflective ways of using online media.

The Web We Want is an educational handbook for use by 13-16 year olds, developed with and by young people. The exercises aim to trigger reflection on the following issues:
  1. My rights and responsibilities online
  2. "Information is not knowledge", Albert Einstein
  3. Participating on the web
  4. Shape your Identity
  5. Privacy, my most precious possession
  6. The artist in you
This handbook is not only designed to be used in the classroom, but can also serve as a useful resource for peer education. It is also suitable for individual use.
A handbook for educators is also available.
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