Stay safe this summer!

  • Awareness
  • 29/06/2017
  • Czech Safer Internet Centre

June marks the start of the summer months, children receive their school certificates and are preparing for vacation time. Many schools want to strengthen children's resilience so that their holidays aren't just interesting, but safe also. In Czechia, the National Safer Internet Centre (NCBI) (part of the Czech Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) has responded to these wishes by organising a series of seminars for children on safer use of the internet and online technologies.

Good opportunities to present safer and better internet messages include, for example, the days of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) at schools in the Prague 6 district, which have become a tradition created at the initiative of the Prevention Section of the Prague 6 Municipality. During the day, different components of the IRS – policemen, firefighters, rescuers and health care specialists – talk to children about the possible threats of the real world, demonstrating ways to avoid them, where to seek help and how to deal with any issues which do occur.

The Safer Internet Centre's presentation at the events focuses there on cyber threats, internet safety and online communication - what problems can arise in the real world, how to avoid them, where to find help and how to solve them. The training is focused on children, but it also appeals to the teachers which are present.

Czech event

An important addition to the school seminars in recent years has been the traditional "Journey around the world with Petya Dolphin" at the Petynka swimming pool. The inclusion of the mounted police at these events, in particular, has proved very popular, while this year's good weather further meant that lots of parents bought their children to learn more about the work of various IRS units.

School event in the Czech Republic

The NCBI took this opportunity to present its services for a better internet for the whole family. It confirms that mutual communication between children and parents, and their ongoing collaboration, is the most effective way to prevent online threats.

Stay safe and enjoy the summer vacation!

Find out more about the work of the Czech Safer Internet Centre, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services.

Alternatively, find the contact details for your national Safer Internet Centre here.

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