SAFE.SI award competition for Slovenian schools

  • Awareness
  • 05/06/2017
  • Slovenian Safer Internet Centre

299 pupils, 53 teachers and 38 schools from all over Slovenia have participated in this year's annual award competition for schools. This competition has been one of the most popular activities organised for Slovenian schools in recent years.

As part of the competition, 6 to 9 year olds created stories, pictures, posters and games featuring the Sejfko character – the mascot of SAFE.SI project. 10 to 12 year olds created posters, infographics and similar projects based on the results of surveys that they had to carry out among their classmates and other pupils on different aspects of internet usage. 13 to 15 year olds made short videos by interviewing their classmates and schoolmates on how the internet and other new technologies are shaping their everyday lives.

The winners/groups of winners taking the first three places in each category were invited to the capital of Slovenia on 17 May 2017. A visit to the Museum of Illusions was organised for them, together with an awards ceremony. This was followed by refreshments, with cakes and ice-cream served at a boat house on the pond in the largest park in Ljubljana.

The results of the competitions can help to provide qualitative research data about the most common topics of interest and concern related to young people's use of the internet and mobile devices. What became evident through the pupil's projects is that the topics that young people find most interesting and relevant about safe use of the internet and other new technologies are sharing too much personal information online (especially through social networking sites); cyberbullying; meeting strangers online; excessive use of mobile devices, and so on.

In order to check the level of satisfaction of schools that participated in the SAFE.SI award competition, and to find room for improvements, an online evaluation is carried out following the conclusion of the competition each year. The organisers check whether the participating schools are satisfied with the theme, the organisational aspects of the competition, the award ceremony and the prizes. As regards the award ceremony, schools that attended expressed a high level of satisfaction with the event, the awards and refreshments.

For more information on the competition (in Slovenian), see the SAFE.SI website.

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