‘MIL for me': an online training resource on media and information literacy

The recent Insafe training meeting played host to a resource competition, designed to showcase the best resources from across the European network of Safer internet Centres (SIC) to identify one which should be translated and localised. Following some fierce competition, the Swedish resource ‘MIL for me' was crowned the winner.
MIL for me' is an online training resource on media and information literacy (MIL) containing a module for teachers and school librarians, another module for students, lesson plans and suggested methods for working with MIL in schools. There is also a separate training module for librarians at public libraries.
Speaking of the resource, Hans Martens, eSafety Programme Manager at European Schoolnet and Insafe Network Coordinator said: "We are delighted that ‘MIL for me' won the resource competition at the Insafe network training meeting in Prague in May 2015. The resource not only provides a comprehensive focus on media and information literacy, but also effectively engages teachers and other education professionals to learn more about key issues in today's digital media landscape – whether individually or collaboratively – through an impressive (and varied) mix of online learning modules. By translating and localising it for all Insafe countries, we hope to make this excellent resource available to teachers, librarians and youth across (and beyond) Europe."
"Resource competitions such as these are a key aspect of our regular training meetings, allowing for the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources about the latest online issues and trends, considering what the future of technology holds and how it may impact upon children and young people. The Insafe network is committed to developing best practices to make the internet a safer and better place for all."
Look out for news on the translated resource in the next edition of the BIK Bulletin. For now you can access it in Swedish here.
Find out more about the work of the Swedish Safer Internet Centre here.

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