My well-being and yours – new resource for teens

In order to mark Safer Internet Day 2017, the Web We Want and ENABLE projects* have joined forces against bullying and launched a new resource for children and young people: "My well-being and yours: Respect begins with me!".

This new resource is a compilation of exercises discussing current hot topics such as cyberbullying, online radicalisation and hate speech. Within twelve pages, children and young people are able to carry out a variety of self-assessments as well as engage in interactive group work with their classmates and friends. Teachers will also be able to integrate the suggested exercises into their daily curriculum.

As the Web We Want handbook for teens was created by young people for young people, the exercises in this new supplement were developed together with members of the Insafe youth panel.

Visit the Web We Want website and download the resource for free here.

During the course of spring 2017, the resource will also be made available in Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian. Consult the Web We Want website to download your copy.


* About the Web We Want: The Web We Want handbook for teens was launched on Safer Internet Day 2013. The book was created by young people for young people, and aims to explore rights and responsibilities and encourage reflection on their and peers' behaviour. Find out more at

About ENABLE: ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments) aims to tackle bullying in a holistic way, helping young people exercise their fundamental rights in the home, school, class and community (i.e. peer group). Find out more at

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