Trainers' meeting: BEE SECURE meets

  • Awareness
  • 16/11/2016
  • Austrian Safer Internet Centre

After waiting two years, and thanks to Erasmus+/Youth in action, a visit by the Austrian Safer Internet Centre (SIC),, to the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre, BEE SECURE, was finally realised. And we all loved it, learned a lot and brought home not only more kilos on the scale, but good ideas for our work! trainers went to meet Luxembourgish colleagues in October 2016. It's especially fruitful to have such international meetings, since it is the best opportunity to learn new aspects, get new ideas and to reflect on one's daily work. Especially helpful was the fact that trainers in Austria and Luxembourg had different focuses: a lot of technological background knowledge and lots of experience with different target groups.

The agenda for the combined training was created on the day itself:

  • Hate speech – based on the Luxembourgish campaign on ‘Share respect', with the Panda mascot.
  • The offline game ‘Panopticon' on data transfer and data protection, developed by the Luxembourgish SIC.
  • Basics of hacking.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)/Christmas ‘stuff'/Everything!
  • The Dark Net.
  • Exchange of methods and training best practices.
  • Creative ideas and activities for trainings.

Of course, the impact of the training depended on the individuals, who were asked to give their evaluations after the meeting. But on an organisational level, outcomes from the combined training include:

  • The game ‘Panopticon' is being used in the training programme for extracurricular youth-work – peer programme MakeITsafe.
  • Austria is using the results of the session on ‘Internet of Things (IoT)/Christmas ‘stuff'/Everything!' in its new project on the ‘internet of toys'.
  • New methods are being used in training sessions.

Such an exchange programme really helps to improve our daily work, so it would be great to invite our Luxembourgish colleagues to Vienna in two years' time!

Find out more about the work of the Austrian Safer Internet Centre, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services.

Find out more about the work of the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services.


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