eSafety learning event

From the 3-14 October 2016, the Insafe Coordination Team is hosting an eTwinning plus learning event addressing teachers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Tunisia and Ukraine. The learning event will focus on eSafety and digital skills, and will cover a wide range of issues including cyberbullying, privacy and online reputation, as well as risks associated with cybercrime, viruses and malware. Schools have a key role to play here in terms of providing education to pupils (and possibly parents also), in order to provide them with the skills, tools and resilience that they need to stay safe online.

The learning event will focus on four key areas:
  • Cyberbullying – figures from helplines across Europe consistently show that cyberbullying is the issue on which they receive the most contacts from young people, closely followed by issues around privacy. It is important, therefore, for teachers to have some understanding about this issue.
  • Online relationships – there has been a huge rise in the use of dating sites and apps, not just by adults but young people too. Clearly there are huge benefits for the users, but there are also risks. Some young people talk about the pressure that they feel to look or behave a certain way online, and can find online relationships challenging. As teachers and parents we need to try and understand some of the difficulties that young people can face.
  • Big data – what information do our apps collect, do we know what happens to content we post online? Do we need to worry?
  • Copyright – this is a challenging area for all of us; not just young people. Many talk about the ‘cut and paste generation' and schools are keen to ensure that pupils develop the right digital skills and competences to know how to use content that they find online in the right way.
The final module will consider how to implement online safety in classroom-based lessons, and participants will be able to choose from a range of lesson plans based on the Web We Want handbook for educators.

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