The Museum of Bullying

  • Awareness
  • 08/07/2016
  • Lithuanian Safer Internet Centre

Since January 2016, Child Line (the helpline operating as part of the Lithuanian Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) has been running a fundraising campaign – The Museum of Bullying. This virtual museum invites everyone to take part and turn bullying into history. 

The exhibits presented in the museum are in some way connected to bullying situations which are faced daily by Lithuanian children and adolescents. In the museum you can see a broken doll, a school bag full of rubbish, a torn child's painting, a mobile phone with hurtful messages, a computer showing a video depicting a bullying scene, and others. All of these are presented and described in the same style as real exhibits in a museum.
It is very important to get support and help for children suffering from bullying. Children often won't talk about their experiences with family members, either because they don't want to or are afraid of an inadequate response. Confidential and anonymous conversations with Child Line counsellors encourage children to open their hearts and share their painful experiences of being bullied.
Right now, Child Line is able to respond to one in seven calls from children. The Museum of Bullying aims to raise funds that could allow them to answer more than 40,000 calls from children each year.
The museum also contains an invitation to volunteer for Child Line in such a way to help and listen to children, along with information on how to react to bullying and how to help a bullied child and others.
The Museum of Bullying has been extensively promoted in local and foreign media, even drawing the attention of Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher!
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