Minimum age

(but rated 17+ in the App Store, which allows parents to hide the app by enabling general parental controls)


AfterSchool is an anonymous and private message board for youth to share their thoughts and comments after attending school. Once posted and moderated, the message available for everyone at the poster's school to see. It is mainly used in the United States.

A Facebook account is required when signing up to AfterSchool in order for the app to check friends, education, and location information and verify that the user actually goes to the school they claim to go to. The app has a clear anti-bullying policy. The makes proactively moderate posted messages (through technical and human reviews) and a single report immediately removes a post from a school's feed. The app also has in-app parental controls available and works with the built-in parental control on Android and iOS. In-app councelling is available via a special chat function.

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