Kiddle is a search engine and encyclopedia for kids. The search results are adapted visually (big images, larger fonts) and presented in a particular order to make searching easier for children:

  • sites hand picked by Kiddle's editors and specifically written for kids are presented
  • hand-picked safe and trusted sites that have content written in a simple way and lastly followed by safe
  • famous sites that are written for edults with expert content but are harder for kids to read, filtered by Google Safe Search

Apart from a general search engine, Kiddle also offers a news, images and video sections, each presenting kids-safe sites (such as CBBC and TweenTribune for news and National Geographic, TED Education and Khan Academy for videos).

If users search on Kiddle words that are classified as inappropriate content, they will receive an error message ‘Oops, try again!'. To help guard the privacy of kids, Kiddle claims not to record any personally identifiable information.