YouTube Kids

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YouTube kids is a YouTube app (for TV, smartphone and tablet) specifically designed for younger kids, to allow them to discover videos safely and easily. The videos that are presented are selected automatically and the lay-out is adapted to make navigation easy. With parental settings, controls can be set on the age range, screen time limit and the search functionality. The app also displays paid ads but they are introduced in the "ad intro" by a character to help kids understand what a paid ad is.

YouTube Kids is the version of popular video-sharing social network, aiming to present family-friendly videos, where kids can explore their imagination in a safe environment. The app has not been made available yet at a global level; it can be accessed in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Parental control features include settings to block searching, set a time limit, set a custom passcode, and setting an age level (Preschool; School age; All kids).