Minimum age

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(When users under the age of 13 register for the service, their account is automatically set to "Privacy Mode"; users are advised to obtain parental consent before registering. Additional restrictions apply under GDPR depending on the country of jurisdiction of the user.)


Roblox is a gaming platform aimed at 8-18 year olds. Most of the games available on the platform have been developed by the community, and cover a wide range of game types.

Since there is no strict control on copyright infringements, these include copies of popular shooting games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty,and a copy of the exploring game Minecraft. Other games vary from delivering pizzas, to roaming a kingdom as a medieval knight, to even starring in a fashion show. This variety is one of the reasons that Roblox is so popular with young people.

Every game is developed by the user community and Roblox is available on a wide array of devices. While both are great for game variety and accessability to kids (who are not likely to own an expensive device), this means that not all games are as easy to play as they could be.

The game has a set of security measures, such as chat filtering (based on whitelisting for users under 13, and on blacklisting for older users), parental control, age limits and clothing detection of the game's characters (so as to make sure they always wear pants and shirts). The in-game currency Robux can be bought to make in-app purchases (such as outfits and skins) and is used to reward game developers.

Older kids that are into development may use the built-in and free Roblox Studio to make games themselves, using bricks and existing models and scripts (parts of a game), or the programming language Lua.