Club Penguin Island

Minimum age

(aimed at children aged 6-14; parental consent is required in some instances)


Club Penguin Island is the downsized successor of Club Penguin. It is an online game and gaming platform where users can play a range of games in a winter-set virtual world.

Users need to sign up in order to use the app and have to provide their first name, a username, parent email address and password. Once registered, users can create their own pinguin and style it with clothes. With their penguin they roam around the island and do games. They can also connect with friends by finding them based on their penguin name, or by interacting with other penguins in the game itself. Once connected, users can chat by selecting the comments that they want to use from a menu.

In Club Penguin Island, users can have free or paid membership. Paid membership allows users to buy custom styles, take part in Adventures, and gain access to exclusive items. The app also contains advertising.

Moderators patrol the game and to help ensure that the game is safe.