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Safer Internet Day in Slovenia – Focus on pre-school children

  • Awareness
  • 11/03/2020
  • Slovenian Safer Internet Centre

In Slovenia, the 2020 edition of Safer Internet Day (SID) was celebrated with two main activities, prepared by the Slovenian Safer Internet Centre (SIC): an event for kindergarten teachers, and a campaign on parents' excessive use of digital devices.

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Safer Internet Day study on younger children's digital media use

  • Awareness
  • 28/02/2020
  • Austrian Safer Internet Centre

For Safer Internet Day, the Austrian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) released a study on the digital media habits of children aged 0-6.

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Managing toddlers' first contact with smart devices

  • Awareness
  • 17/12/2019
  • Estonian Safer Internet Centre

Increasingly, children's environments are very media oriented, and they are starting to use smart devices at an ever-younger age. Elina Nevski, lecturer at Tallinn University School of Educational Sciences, explains precisely why digital devices can be beneficial or detrimental to toddlers' development, and how parents can make the most of it.

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First time online: What measures should I take and how should I advise my child?

  • Awareness
  • 18/12/2018
  • Greek Safer Internet Centre

For the Christmas season, and because children's age of first contact with a digital device keeps getting lower and lower, the Greek Safer Internet Centre (SIC) has released a set of educational resources to help parents accompany their children in this crucial step.

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