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Participate in the 13th international conference "Keeping children and young people safe online"

  • Awareness
  • 24/07/2019
  • Polish and German Safer Internet Centres

The 13th international conference "Keeping children and young people safe online" will take place on Tuesday, 17 and Wednesday, 18 September 2019 at the Airport Hotel Okęcie in Warsaw, Poland. 

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An emphasis on local initiatives for Safer Internet Day 2019 in Poland

  • Awareness
  • 18/03/2019
  • Polish Safer Internet Centre

February is a very busy month for online safety organisations in Poland. In 2019, as in previous years, a main Safer Internet Day (SID) conference in Warsaw marked the beginning of a month of awareness raising around SID in the country.

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New Dyż report: the responsible attitude of internet users is crucial for online safety

  • Hotlines
  • 19/06/2018
  • Dyż, the Polish hotline

In 2017, the Dyż team (the hotline component of the Polish Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) analysed 13,962 reports. Of these, 2,459 have been classified as child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and 1,339 relate to the publication of illegal images of minors in a sexual context (child sexual exploitation material). These are the largest number of material reported so far. From the reports received, experts from Dyż confirmed CSAM in 2,184 cases.

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