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Safer Internet Day has a brand new logo!

We're happy to announce that we have a new Safer Internet Day logo! As technology evolves at a pace, we wanted to reflect this in the imagery for Safer Internet Day (SID).
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International Day of Democracy

  • News
  • 15/09/2015
  • BIK Youth

Today we celebrate the International Day of Democracy, recognising the important role of an engaged civil society in creating successful, stable democracies. 

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Web We Want activities across Europe

Since its launch in mid-March, the Web We Want handbook for teachers is making its way across Europe, supporting more and more teachers on the challenging road of teaching online safety to their pupils. 

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New blog on parenting and digital media

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has recently launched a new blog on parenting and digital media. It aims to give parenting advocates, researchers and parents themselves easy access to cutting-edge research, including from LSE's own current project on Parenting for a Digital Future.

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Hotlines gather at the INHOPE Annual General Assembly

INHOPE's Annual General Assembly met on 4 June 2015 at Europol's headquarters in the Hague, the Netherlands. INHOPE's meetings around the AGM were planned to coincide with Europol's Annual Expert's Meeting on combatting Child Sexual Exploitation, to provide another opportunity – because this meeting marked the second time INHOPE and Europol have collaborated successfully - for INHOPE hotlines and law enforcement to strengthen relationships, share best practice and look at how to best engage and collaborate through a multi-stakeholder approach in the area of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), at technological, practical, awareness-raising, preventative and policy levels.

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Back2School campaign

Since 2010, as the new school year begins, Insafe releases its Back2School gift.
Traditionally, the campaign consists of a 'gift box' of resources and tools for teachers to use throughout the school year, and is released on 8 September to mark the United Nations International Literacy Day.
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Tour of Europe

We invite teachers to visit our resource gallery and download online safety material from across Europe, in your own languages. A special thank you to our network of Safer Internet Centres!

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Second edition of the BIK bulletin now published

The second edition of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) bulletin has now been published. This quarterly bulletin aims to keep you informed of safer and better internet issues and opportunities across Europe and beyond.

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Checklists for safe use of social media

The UK Safer Internet Centre has published three new checklists for Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram covering everything you need to know in order to manage your information and stay safe online while using these services.

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Online radicalisation as a new challenge for Safer Internet trainings

At present, all educators, trainers or other people who work with children and digital technologies face the same situation. Digital media's ever-evolving challenges – such as users' fast changing online behaviour as well as a constant flow of new tools, new internet technologies and new ways of online communication – raise new questions and demand new solutions.
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