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Greece: Is it true that the data we post online remains on the web forever?

Is it true that the data we post online remains on the web forever?

  • Awareness
  • 30/03/2016
  • Greek Safer Internet Centre

This question was posed several times by pupils of secondary education during a series of webinars that the Greek Awareness Centre implemented across the country from December 2015 until March 2016, in collaboration with the Computer Technology Institute & Press ‘Diophantus', and with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of our (data) privacy.

The Awareness Centre implemented 24 webinars reaching 567 schools and 38,319 pupils (19,383 boys and 18,936 girls) of primary (5th and 6th grade) and secondary education (1st and 2nd grade) in all 13 prefectures of Greece. Dr Veronica Samara, coordinator of the Greek Safer Internet Centre (SIC), gave an innovative presentation using mainly audiovisual material with young actors of the age of the participating pupils, in order to grasp the attention of the pupils and make them realise that online privacy is very easily violated if they do not keep control of their data and content they post online, and they don't think before they publish anything on the internet.
Through a series of videos portraying real-life incidents, kids were able to identify important issues related to personal data: identity theft, cyberbullying, fake impersonation, grooming, realising that they actually hand out more information online than they think by posting photos of themselves, posting photos of others without having consent, not using privacy settings or even registering to social networks with a false age.
Furthermore, the Awareness Centre stressed the importance of rights and responsibilities online, stating that minors themselves have the right to feel safe online, but also have the responsibility to respect the rights of others concerning their privacy.
All in all, though the webinars, youngsters were able to understand in a different and entertaining way the importance of protecting our data online.
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