MIL for me

"MIL for me" is an online training resource on media and information literacy containing a module for teachers and school-librarians, another module for students, lesson plans and suggested methods for working with Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in schools.
There is also a separate training module for librarians at public libraries. The resources can be consulted in Swedish at
The module on online relationship is now available in English, for both teachers and students.
Currently the resources are part of the eTwinning learning event on eSafety and digital skills, which will run from 1-12 April 2016. For more information visit:
Supporting documents :
Chapter on online relationships

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United Nations perspective on media and information literacy

In United Nations (UN) terminology, "peace building, human solidarity and war are all linked to the quality of the information environment (citizens, media, internet, social media, libraries, citizens etc.) and the values it transmits". Digital rights and privacy have become a basic part of our day-to-day interaction with technology and, in order to ensure their proper understanding, having the right digital skills is no longer an option but rather a prerequisite. 

Insafe resources: Activity book - Play and learn: Being online

We live in a society characterised with an overwhelming presence of modern technological devices, allowing distance between people to fade and leading to the existence of a second, online world.