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  • 16/02/2016
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What are the rights that young people treasure most in today's age of digital technologies? What are the digital rights that young people treasure most nowadays? Are these respected universally? And how can young people ensure that their voices are heard when decisions that affect their online presence are taken? addresses young people from across the world and encourages them to explore, define and rewrite their digital rights, aiming to promote the voice of youth to make sure that adult decision makers are listening to young people when they make decisions that affect them. 
This initiative is part of a project called 'Children's Rights in the Digital Age' conducted by a group of researchers at Western Sydney University and the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), working in partnership with Digitally Connected and UNICEF's Voices of Youth, and other national and international organisations. Recognising that much has changed in our world since the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was published just over 25 years ago, the initiative encourages young people to rethink their rights for the digital age.
Young people are invited to sign up to the dedicated platform and work on a series of activities or 'missions' that will ask them about their experience of rights in a digital age: notes, photos, videos or drawings can be used to complete the missions, earning a badge for each one completed. Missions are grouped into ‘operations' which explore different themes relating to digital rights. Content uploaded will be promoted on the RErights News section of the site. For more information on this initiative and how to get involved, please check out the website:
A similar initiative aimed to collect the ideas and views of young Europeans on their wishes for a better internet for the future. The process resulted in young people democratically voting and choosing 10 principles that express their digital rights online: these are documented in the Youth Manifesto publication.

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