Greek youth play their part for a better internet

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  • 15/02/2016
  • Greek Safer Internet Centre

Following Safer Internet Day 2016, our youth panellists from Greece, Thanassis and Alexander, share their views about how teenagers can play their part for a better Internet.

"Teenagers are main users of the internet. For this reason, they should surf online safely and with critical thinking.
"It is very important, that children and teenagers feel comfortable online, knowing how to report anything harmful or weird during their navigation (such as bullying, hate speech, contact with inappropriate content etc.).
"In addition, it is adolescents' responsibility to think carefully what they post online, making sure that their personal data, as well as the data of others are kept safe. It is also very important to build a positive online reputation and leave positive digital footprints.
"Furthermore, teenagers need to immediately report online cruelty or any sort of negative behavior online, and never stay observers. In this way, they can play their part in combating and diminishing such phenomena and not just witnessing them.
"In conclusion, let all of us teenagers discover the endless creative possibilities that the internet has to offer, allowing us to transform from pure consumers into curators and co-shapers of the web.
"And let's remember that the best filter for our protection is our own mind! If we want to enjoy our rights online, we should also know our responsibilities."

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