Finnish youth play their part for a better internet

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  • 10/02/2016
  • Youth Ambassador

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2016, we asked our youth panellists for their views on the theme of ‘Play your part for a better internet!'. Here, we share the viewpoint of Riikka from Finland.

"When I think about how I could play my part for a better internet, I instantly think about positivity. Nowadays, social media can be full of negative, nasty comments and it is just frustrating. Sometimes people don't appreciate other people and their differences, and can be mean towards each other and only think about themselves.
"On the internet it is always easier to hide behind your screen and burst out your bad day online and, by that, to other people. Being positive on the internet makes a huge difference. I love reading posts where someone has opened up and talked about something personal – which first of all takes a lot of courage – and other people posting encouraging comments to the person. It gives a good feeling to all the readers and it shows that we all can help each other to make a better day, even through social media.
"It doesn't even require much to support one another on the internet. Words have great meaning and it takes no time at all to write something nice to someone else. And, if you happen to see someone judge another person for no reason, you can be the one to step in and defend what is right and just. Sadly, people remember better the negative comments that they get than the positive ones.
"That's why I want the internet to be an environment where everyone could surround each other with warm-hearted words. Also to sympathise with the ones who are having a hard time brings comfort, hope and a feeling that we are not living alone in this world. My goal is to act justly and humbly, be encouraging and supportive, as well as be positive online. I think these are the most important keys to play your part for a better - and more pleasant - experience on the internet."

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