International Day of Democracy

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  • 15/09/2015
  • BIK Youth

Today we celebrate the International Day of Democracy, recognising the important role of an engaged civil society in creating successful, stable democracies. 

Within the Insafe youth participation activities, we aim not only to promote online safety among young people, but also to provide them with a space to participate in online debates as the active digital citizens they are.  A reflection of this is the creation of the Youth Manifesto publication, developed by youth from across Europe, which outlines the ten principles youth believe are needed for a better internet. One of the principles urges for an open and democratic internet where everyone (including young people) should be able to participate online and have an equal say in debates about how the internet is shaped.  While governments and companies should invest adequately in internet infrastructure and avoid excessive control, civil society also has a role to play by remaining vigilant, protecting the rights of individuals and promoting an inclusive online environment. 

Find out more at the Youth Manifesto publication.
Find out further information at the Youth Manifesto website.

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Conflict prevention for the International Day of Democracy

When it comes to democratic values, prevention has a clear role to play in promoting peace and stability in both the online and offline world. As reflected in our 2016 celebration article, the International Day of Democracy has been celebrated annually on 15 September since 2007 when the United Nations General Assembly set this date aiming to promote and uphold the principles of democracy.

International Day of Friendship

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  • 30/07/2016
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