Free online safety course – register now!

Registration has now opened for our free online safety MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), launching on the European Schoolnet Academy on Monday, 10 April 2017.

Online safety is an integral part of what schools need to be teaching in 2017. It encompasses a wide range of issues and affects staff, pupils, parents and the wider school community. As more and more schools embrace technology as a tool to support learning, it is important that staff and pupils alike understand how to use it safely and responsibly.

Research suggests that 57 per cent of young people think that their friends engage in risky behaviours online which demonstrates the need to address this in schools.

This MOOC is produced by Insafe (as part of the network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) in Europe). The course is aimed at primary and secondary level teachers of any subject, but ICT administrators and school counsellors may also benefit from the course. Participants are welcome to join from any country, although the main language of the MOOC is English. The course will run for six weeks, with a total of five modules (one module per week) and an extra grace week at the end of the course to allow participants to ensure that they have adequately covered all modules. The workload is estimated to be approximately three hours per week.

Participants in the MOOC will gain a better understanding of the current risks and challenges that young people face when they go online. They will discuss strategies for supporting young people and helping them to develop safe and responsible behaviours when they go online. A wide range of resources that can be used in schools will be shared and participants will also be asked to share their own experiences, challenges and successes.

The Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal provides a wide range of support for teachers and other stakeholders when trying to tackle online safety issues and the MOOC will offer opportunities to discover some of the resources available in a wide range of languages from national Safer Internet Centres also.

Visit the European Schoolnet Academy for further information and online registration.

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  • Awareness
  • 30/06/2015
  • Austrian Safer Internet Centre

At present, all educators, trainers or other people who work with children and digital technologies face the same situation. Digital media's ever-evolving challenges – such as users' fast changing online behaviour as well as a constant flow of new tools, new internet technologies and new ways of online communication – raise new questions and demand new solutions. Therefore, it is essential for people engaged in Safer Internet trainings to stay up to date and constantly gain expertise in new topics. Online radicalisation and online jihadism are among the most challenging topics from recent months.