Fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles: what you need to know

In each edition of the BIK bulletin, we look at a topical issue – our latest edition focuses on fake news. Fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles are hot topics right now. Are they the next generation of online-related challenges? Are they old foes wearing new clothes? Or are they something else? Martina Chapman, an independent specialist in media literacy, considers the role that critical media literacy, supported by cross-sector collaboration and coordination, may have in countering these issues. Read on to find out more (read the full June 2017 edition of the BIK bulletin here).


Fausses informations sur Internet FR/DE (LU)

Trust Me (UK)

Fact or Fake? (DE)

Fake or Real? Check before you "Like" and "Share"! (LV)

Pět kroků k odhalení falešných zpráv (5 steps to spot fake news) (CZ)

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