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Positive Online Content Campaign Awareness Week

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The Positive Online Content Campaign (POCC) is far-reaching in its scope, aiming to involve multiple stakeholders in providing better online experiences for children through high-quality digital content.

The Positive Online Content Campaign will reach its peak during the last week of September 2017, during a campaign awareness week. We hope that you will join us, from 25 to 29 September 2017, to spread the word about positive online content and to make sure children and young people have access to the best possible experiences online!

The Awareness Week has been shaped to reach out to multiple stakeholder groups and will be organised as follows:

- Monday, 25 September 2017: a day focused on children and young people.
- Tuesday, 26 September 2017: a day dedicated to teachers and educators' needs.
- Wednesday, 27 September 2017: a day tackling the most important aspects of positive online content for parents and carers.
- Thursday, 28 September 2017: a day dedicated to content providers and producers.
- Friday, 29 September 2017: the final day of the awareness week will be dedicated to supporting a national focus in each participating country.

Check the Positive Online Content website for more information on specific awareness week activities, or follow the build up on Twitter using #positivecontent.

And why not help us spread the word about the Positive Online Content Campaign by showing your support with our Thunderclap to help make a noise online on the first day of the campaign!

Positive Online Content Campaign Awareness Week