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#SaferInternet4EU Ambassadors

On Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018 (6 February), Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, launched the #SaferInternet4EU campaign to promote awareness raising on online safety, media literacy and cyber-hygiene.
The campaign includes an Ambassadors' scheme in which interested EU citizens can actively participate. The Ambassadors will act as multipliers of the messages of the campaign at local, national and international level. 
Activities should include:
  • communication activities (writing articles, blogs, social media);
  • sharing relevant resources;
  • engaging with other stakeholders, e.g. national Safer Internet Centres;
  • keeping the EC informed about actions, issues, trends and innovative solutions through the betterinternetforkids.eu platform;
  • participating in relevant events.
Potential candidates:
  • Citizens of countries eligible for participation in the Safer Internet programme under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), i.e. EU28, Iceland and Norway (e.g. youth, parents, teachers, policy makers at EU and national level) with demonstrated engagement in one or more campaign strands (online safety, media literacy, cyber-hygiene); and
  • Public or private bodies active in one or more campaign strands, without commercial interests linked to the campaign.
Communication material about the campaign:
The Ambassadors will have access to the following package on the betterinternetforkids.eu platform:
Terms & Conditions:
The Ambassadors act in their own capacity and do not represent the views and opinions of the European Commission. Any campaign activities, particularly those targeting and/or involving minors, must comply with relevant national legislation. 
The Ambassadors are not entitled to receive any remuneration or other special privileges related to their status, including privileged access to facilities and target groups. There cannot be any commercial interest or profit making linked to the campaign.
To apply:
For expressions of interest, please contact bik-info@eun.org, quoting "#SaferInternet4EU Ambassador" in the email subject line.
Applications should include information on personal relevance, a motivation letter and an indicative plan for the campaign's promotion activities.