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The Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) performs a wide range of awareness-raising activities by itself and in cooperation with the Norwegian Online Safety Network. Some of the main activities in the current project period are as follows:
  • Challenge ICT businesses to show and tell what they do to make the internet a better and safer place for children and youth through "The Good Digital Relay".
  • Develop and continue the work and support of the nationwide anti-cyberbullying campaign "Use Your Head".
  • Develop new tools and improve and relaunch materials and guidance for children, teachers and parents.

Norwegian Safer Internet Centre staff
Thomas Haugan-Hepsø and Rita Astridsdotter Brudalen from the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre

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The Norwegian Red Cross' dialogue service Kors på halsen (Cross My Heart) is the national helpline for issues related to children's safe use of the internet and mobile devices. The helpline service for children and young people (6 to 18 years) has been was founded in 2005 and operates a free phone number, chat, email and forum. The helpline deals with all aspects of young peoples lives, thoughts and questions, including their digital lives.

Cross My Heart is based on the work of approximately 100 volunteers between 23 and 70 years of age. The service is free of charge, it has a neutral position concerning questions of political, ethnical, religious and ideological character, and it is anonymous.

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Currently there is no INHOPE member hotline in Norway, however the Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) (NCIS) does provide an online hotline for reporting sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking and racism on the internet. Additionally, the Safer Internet Centre has a strong relationship with the NCIS. They are a part of the Safer Internet Centre's Advisory Board, participate in network meetings and are a co-organiser of the yearly Moderator Conference. There is a red button provided on many websites for users to report directly to the hotline. This button is a way for the police to provide a presence on websites used by children and young people.

Youth participation


The Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is in the fortunate position where we have access to different existing youth and children's panels; NMA has a strong focus on protection of children from harmful content, and therefore recruits a new youth panel and a children's panel every autumn while the Cross My Heart helpline runs its own youth panel (called an expert panel). Issues concerning the Norwegian SIC, our projects, and the thoughts, feelings and experiences of our target groups are subjects that are raised and discussed with all panels.

Key successes

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the foundation of the work of the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) both in terms of right to information, expression, participation and last, but not least, the right to protection. The issues raised by children and young people's use of digital media, in many cases, challenges several of these rights at the same time. Leaning on knowledge gained from facts, surveys and contact with the target groups, the Norwegian SIC wishes to offer a balanced and nuanced view concerning benefits, risks and harm and to uphold all of these rights at the same time.

Key partners/supporters

The Norwegian Media Authority, Safe Use, is the national coordinator of Norway's Safer Internet Centre (SIC). Along with the helpline, Cross My Heart, the SIC aims to ensure children and young people have a safe digital life. The SIC's network consist of more than 30 collaborating partners from ministries, non-profit and voluntary organisations, businesses and industry organisations and organisation - all working for the same goal.
Collaborating partners:
IKT-Norge is the interest group for the Norwegian ICT industry. They represent the full range of the spectrum from the major players down to small entrepreneurial companies, an aim to help ICT companies assume responsibility for their own conditions and be recognised as responsible contributors to the ICT industry. IKT-Norge is our main gateway to the Norwegian ICT industry. They offer the most extensive network of the industry, and have a well-documented political impact.
Telenor is the largerst provider of mobile and online services in Norway. Together with the Red Cross, Barnevakten (NGO) and the SIC, they are responsible for the Bruk Hue (Use Your Head) school campaign, which tours the country enlightening students, their parents and teachers about the possible psychological and judicial effects of online bullying. Through the Bruk Hue campaign and our work with Telenor, we are able to reach thousands of children every year and give them the tools, knowledge and skills needed to fight online bullying. The campaign is well known throughout Norway. The effects of the campaign have been well documented in the bi-annual Children and Media survey 2014.
Redd Barna (Save the Children Norway)
Save the Children Norway is a non-governmental member organisation which is party politically and religiously neutral. Their values are built upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Save the Children Norway is seen as an authority and as one of the prime protectors of children and their rights in Norway. Collaborating with them furthers and strengthens the focus of the importance of the work we do to ensure the online safety of all children.
FUG (The National Parents' Committee for Primary and Secondary Education)
FUG is a national committee for parents who have children in primary and/or secondary education. They are a major contributor in distributing information on how parents can support their children with a strong focus on anti-bullying both on- and offline. FUG provides material, tools and guidance to parents of school children throughout Norway. They speak for the interest of both parents and children, and provide us with important input on what the present pressing issues are according to parents.
Kripos (National Criminal Investigation Service)
Kripos (NCIS) is the national unit for fighting organised and other serious crime – this includes exploitation and abuse of children and the spread of illegal material involving children online. Kripos runs our national hotline and receives tips from children who have been deceived or subjected to sexual acts and abuse online. They also make sure that investigations are conducted when needed, either by Kripos themselves or by the local police. They are the only member of the consortium that have the power to legally pursue and expose those who offend against children online.
Senter for IKT i utdanningen (Center for ICT in Education)
The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education work for smarter learning and higher quality throughout the education system by offering a variety of services for ICT in education - from kindergarten to teacher training.
The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education falls under the authority of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Their mission is to implement government policy within our area of responsibility using the resources made available to us. This includes children's rights to a good and safe learning environment and the right to acquire digital skills. is the public information channel for youth between the ages of 13 and 20. The basis of their content is the UN Rights of the Child – children's right to information and the goverments responsibility to provide a range of national and international resources to this end. offers us a channel where we can direct all our resources and information straight to the young public. This website is a site that young people trust and use, and regularly produce articles and answer questions concerning the online lives of youth, safety, proper use of social media and bullying.
Barneombudet (Ombudsman For Children)
The Ombudsman for Children is an advocate for children and young people. They work to uphold the rights of children and ensure/see to that children's opinions are heard. With the help from the Ombudsman we can assure that the authorities in Norway comply with the Rights of the Child. The Ombudsman can also give statements when laws are being written or amended, and hold lectures and seminars for people who work with and/or provide services for children. The Ombudsman's voice is heard also in matters concering children's rights and safety online.
Barnevakten (Kids and Media)
Kids and Media is a non-profit, charitable organisation which gives information and advice about children's use of digital media. Through their talks and seminars at school, for parents and other interest groups, Kids and Media help spread materials, tools and awareness about the work done by the Norwegian SIC. The organisation is a blend of professionals and volunteers aiming to educate parents on how to best guide and guard their children in the digital world. 
Datatilsynet (Norwegian Data Protection Authority) 
The Norwegian Data Protection Authority facilitates protection of individuals from violation of their right to privacy through processing of their personal data. They ensure children's safety online by identifying risks and solutions and advice for users of all ages.
NorSIS (Norwegian Center for Information Security)/
NorSIS aims to ensure that information security is a natural part of everyday life. They also run the service, that helps people who discover unwanted or offensive material online.
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion
  • Ministry of Justice and Public Security
  • Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

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