Norwegian Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre

The Norwegian awareness centre performs a wide range of awareness-raising activities by itself and in cooperation with the Norwegian Online Safety network. Some of the main activities in the current project period (2016 – 2018) are as follows:
  • Promote and include the voice of young people. All our projects and initiatives will include participation from our or our collaborators youth panels.
  • Involve the national network in an even larger scale than before – including building a monthly newsletter that disseminates and promotes actions, events and articles from our national and international network.
  • Develop and continue the work and support of the nationwide anti-cyberbullying campaign, ‘Use Your head'.
  • Educate and update mediators at the Norwegian Mediation Service.
  • Develop new tools and improve and relaunch materials and guidance for children, teachers and parents.

Norwegian Safer Internet Centre staff
Thomas Haugan-Hepsø and Rita Astridsdotter Brudalen from the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre

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The Norwegian Red Cross' dialogue service Kors på halsen (Cross my Heart) is the national helpline for issues related to children's safe use of the internet and mobile devices. The helpline service for children and young people (6 to 18 years) has been operative since 2005 and operates a free phone number, chat, email and forum. The helpline deal with all aspects of young peoples lives, thoughts and questions, including their digital lives. Cross My Heart is based on the work of approximately 100 volunteers between 23 and 70 years of age. The service is free of charge, it has a neutral position concerning questions of political, ethnical, religious and ideological character, and it is anonymous.

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Currently there is no INHOPE Member Hotline in Norway, however the Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) (NCIS) does provide an online hotline for reporting sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking and racism on the internet. Additionally, the Safer Internet Centre has a strong relationship with the NCIS. They are a part of the Safer Internet Centre's advisory board, participate in network meetings and are a co-organiser of the yearly Moderator Conference. There is a red button provided on many websites for users to report directly to the hotline. This button is a way for the police to provide a presence on websites used by children and young people.

Youth participation


It is a goal for the current Norwegian SIC to involve youth in all our projects and actions. This means workshops and evaluation before launching new projects, and in improving and re-launching existing material. The Norwegian SIC is in the fortunate position where we have access to different existing youth and children's panels; NMA has a strong focus on protection of children from harmful content, and therefore recruits a new youth panel and a children's panel every autumn; the Cross my Heart helpline runs its own youth panel (called an expert panel). Issues concerning the SIC, our projects, the thoughts, feelings and experiences of our target groups are subjects that are raised and discussed with all panels.

Key successes

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the foundation of the work of Safer Internet Centre (SIC) Norway; both in terms of right to information, expression, participation and last, but not least, the right to protection. The issues raised by children and young people's use of digital media in many cases challenges several of these rights at the same time. Leaning on knowledge gained from facts, surveys and contact with the target groups, SIC Norway wishes to offer a balanced and nuanced view concerning benefits, risks and harm and to uphold these rights at the same time.

Key partners/supporters

The Norwegian Media Authority Safe Use is the national coordinator of the Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC). Along with the helpline, Cross My Heart, the Norwegian SIC aims to ensure children and young people have a safe digital life. The Safe Use network consist of more than 50 collaborating partners from ministries, non-profit and voluntary organisations, businesses and industry organisations - all working for the same goal.

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