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Awareness centre

One of the main awareness-raising tools in Lithuania is the national Safer Internet Centre (SIC) website, which is dedicated to the dissemination of all safer internet awareness-raising resources and related activities. CITE maintains the website as an awareness-raising instrument for Lithuanian society and the educational community, and coordinates the main activities of the awareness centre. It also coordinates youth participation activities and and the training of Safer internet Ambassadors.
In the 2015-2016 school year, the Lithuanian Safer Internet Youth Forum (SIYF) team was built. Aged 14-18, SIYF members studied how to use platform, and created blog posts about a safer and better internet. Their experiences are presented in the resulting youth blogs and youth vlogs.
As part of this project, youth analysed their experience and asked verbal questions to passers-by in Vilnius about the importance of a safer internet in the information society. Watch their movie "Safer Internet Youth Forum 2015-2016 and oral questioning" below (in Lithuanian):
CITE has also developed a Safer Internet Ambassadors programme, supporting materials and started pilot trainings of Safer Internet Ambassador for Schools. This has proved to be a good basis for new ways of multiplying safer internet traditions in wider school communities.
Association "Langas į ateitį" encourages safe use of information technologies among citizens and implements safer internet online training and awareness-raising activities for educators and school librarians. It has also developed a series of webinars for parents which were broadcast in public libraries, and various other awareness-raising materials (online tests, lesson plans, website, etc.). An online course entitiled "Safer internet for school librarians" was developed and launched in September 2015.
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"Child Line", established in 1997, provides free and anonymous help to the children and teenagers by phone and online.  "Child Line" consultants listen to all the children's stories and try to find ways together to solve their difficulties, and to encourage them to share their worries with the people they trust. If necessary, children are referred to other institutions. Currently 130 consultants, of which 120 are volunteers, provide help to children and teenagers.
The functions of "Vaikų linija" within the framework of safer internet are:
  • to provide support services for children and teenagers by answering online questions and telephone calls from children related to their use of online technologies, particulary in relation to harmful contact (grooming), harmful conduct (cyberbullying), harmful content and uncomfortable or scary experiences in using online technologies.
  • to consult parents online on the issues of child safety on the internet.
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The hotline was established by RRT (Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania) in 2007, in the framework of the Safer Internet Programme of EC. The hotline has been a member of INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines) since 2008.

Reports are accepted and processed according to the operational procedures manual approved by the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and by the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics of the Republic of Lithuania under agreements with the RRT.

Reports on illegal or harmful content, such as pornography or child sexual abuse material, content inciting racial or ethnic hatred, content leading to violence or making other negative influence on minors can be submitted by completing a special online report form at

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Youth participation


The main idea of youth participation in Lithuania is to encourage youth to create blogs while promoting a better internet for kids. For this goal, the Lithuanian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) arranges a wide range of creative activities and various competitions, where it tries to involve more young people not only as the audience but as actors too.

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Key successes

A consortium of four partners operates the national Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Lithuania. The Centre for Information Technologies in Education (CITE) coordinates implementation of the project and awareness centre activities, promoting youth initiatives as well. The NGO "Langas į ateitį" (LIA) now implements awareness raising and training activities, the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) is responsible for the hotline, and the NGO "Vaikų linija" (Child Line) manages the helpline.
An awareness campaign related to the annual Safer Internet Day (SID) events is always organised jointly by all SIC partners, using the many opportunities which the national cooperation brings. SID is celebrated on the European, national and regional level in many Lithuanian schools, and Safer Internet Week has become an annual Lithuanian tradition as well.
An annual activity which the SIC particpates in is the exhibition "SCHOOL": a national annual event for the education community. In 2015, nearly 20,000 visitors attended. At this exhibition, the SIC team promotes its main services and encourages the audience to participate in safer internet activities such as becoming Youth Forum Members, Safer Internet Ambassadors, and so on. The exhibition allows SIC staff to meet face to face with all target groups and directly hand out offline materials. It allows the SIC to communicate on key topics to specific target groups, and especially to parents; a target group which often proves the most difficult to reach.
A recent activity that has now become an annual event is the joint campaign in youth camps: "Safe on the internet during summer time!'. The campaign, which first took place in 2015, is organised in 10 children's summer camps to raise awareness about internet safety.

Key partners/supporters

National support is provided by approximately 20 companies and organisations.
The constant supporters of the Lithuanian SIC are:
  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics of the Republic of Lithuania
  • The Children's Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Lithuanian Radio and Television
  • Lithuanian Research and Education Network (LITNET)
The President of the Republic of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, has been the patron of the main Safer Internet Day (SID) event since 2015, also providing a video greeting to launch celebrations for SID 2016.

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