Icelandic Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre

The Icelandic awareness node is Heimili og skoli (Home and School), the National Parents´Association in Iceland.
Heimili og skoli was a partner of SIAP from 1 October 2004 and took part in both SUSI and SAFT projects on behalf of Iceland. Our awareness work is partly built on the experience and resources from those projects. We will continue using the SAFT brand for the SIAPI project and have a new slogan: SAFT SAmfélag, Fjölskylda og Tækni (Society, Family and Technology). Our mission statement is to empower children and parents to enjoy the internet and new media in a safe and positive way.
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The Icelandic Red Cross runs the 1717 Helpline for people who need assistance because of internet-related issues – those with grief, anxiety, distress, depression or suicidal thoughts can contact online or call the Red Cross helpline free of charge, 24 hours a day. The phone line also has a crucial function during times of emergency. More than a hundred volunteers from the Red Cross Reykjavík Branch operate the phone line, having received training to do so. 1717 is a toll-free number and the phone call does not appear on the phone bill. The Red Cross coordinates the helpline activities.

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Barnaheill – Save the Children Iceland has operated a hotline since November 2001. The hotline has worked very closely with the national police and with other hotlines. The hotline is a member of the international organisation INHOPE, and participates actively in the development of INHOPE. The National Commissioner of Police is in charge of analysing reports and is a partner with Barnaheill – Save the Children Iceland in running the hotline.
The National Police investigate leads and forward them to Barnaheill who uploads data to the IHRMS database – both will cooperate with other INHOPE hotlines. The National Police will also forward leads to Europol and Interpol.
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Youth participation


The youth participation group is consulted on a regular basis via Skype, Facebook and email on current issues and resources being developed, as well as during meetings held in Reykjavik. The group consists of around 30 members from across Iceland, age 14-20.

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Key successes

Heimili og skoli has, since 2004, been at the forefront of safe use of the internet and other new media in Iceland through its management of the SAFT project. Acting as a national node for internet safety, Heimili og skoli has gained significant know-how on the technical side of safe internet use as well as on developing safer internet awareness messages and promoting them through media campaigns on a national level.
Its unique role as a National Parents' Association provided SAFT project managers the opportunity to effectively draw together parents, children, school community and national authority's and encourage in dialogue between all stakeholders on the importance of transparent communication, trust building and preventive education when it comes to internet and new media safety.

Key partners/supporters

The SAFT Steering Committee includes representatives from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Welfare, The University of Iceland, Save the Children Iceland, The Icelandic Data Protection Authority, National Police, Red Cross, Media Commission and Office of Post and Telecom Administration.
Our Advisory Board includes representatives from different stakeholders groups, such as government agencies, industry, research centres, different bodies within the educational system, and prevention measures agencies and groups.

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