About our partners

Under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), EUN Partnership aisbl (hereinafter called European Schoolnet) is developing and maintaining – on behalf of the European Commission – a Better Internet for Kids (BIK) core service platform to share resources, services and practices between national providers of the services – the European Safer Internet Centres (SICs) – and to provide services to their users, including industry.
Complementary to the EU-level core services, Safer Internet Centres maintain their own national platforms, providing:
  • An awareness centre for informing children, their parents and teachers about better and safer use of the internet, building on enhanced digital resource centres (repositories), from which specific awareness toolkits and services are adapted and deployed, in cooperation with third parties (schools, industry).
  • Helpline services providing information, advice and assistance to children, youth and parents on how to deal with harmful or inappropriate content, contact (such as grooming) and conduct such as (cyberbullying or sexting).
  • A hotline for receiving and managing reports and data on online illegal child sexual abuse.
Content and resources are developed both at European and national levels and shared between SICs through the platform. The three components of the SIC nationally cooperate through an Advisory Board with national stakeholders and actively contribute to the implementation of a European approach by sharing good practices and resources and taking part in European-level events.
For further information on partners by country, please see the Profile section of this website.
For further information on the BIK project generally,please see the About BIK page or contact the BIK Coordination Team.