BIK Teacher corner webinars

What are the webinars?

This section of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Teacher corner collects webinars specifically designed for teachers, educators and other adults who work with children and young people. The aim is to get you acquainted with the BIK Teacher corner, and discover the free information, advice and suggested resources to empower you to educate and support youth to safely and positively navigate their digital world.

Who are they for?

If you are a teacher, educators, or more in general an adult working with children and young people, and are looking for resources, such as learning modules and deep dives, to implement in your classroom or other educational activities and empower young people with the tools they need to safely navigate the digital world.


Webinar 1: Explore the BIK Teacher corner

The first webinar of the series took place on Thursday, 19 October 2023. We dove into the BIK Teacher corner and unlocked the potential it has to offer, with a special focus on generative AI and persuasive design – as these are both highly relevant topics at present.

Speaker: Gareth Cort.

The recording of the webinar is now available.


Webinar 2: Disinformation and fake news

The second webinar of the series took place online on Thursday, 2 May 2024. We dove in mis- and disinformation, fake news, deepfakes and conspiracy theories. In particular, disinformation is surrounded by increasing concern as it has been identified as a concrete threat to democracy. With the European elections this year, this topic is now more relevant than ever.

How can teachers and educators support their pupils in the classroom, especially if they are first time voters?

Speaker: Gareth Cort.

The recording of the webinar is now available.


Webinar 3: Virtual worlds and immersive realities

The third webinar of the series took place online on Thursday, 6 June 2024. We explored virtual worlds and immersive realities. Some of the key developments in recent years revolve around artificial intelligence (AI), with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR) applications emerging in all sectors of society, such as leisure, health, and especially learning, training and education. Such technologies entail both great opportunities and concerning risks. 

How can teachers and educators be empowered with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the implications of immersive realities in educational settings? 

Speaker: Gareth Cort.

The recording of the webinar is now available!


How can I learn more

  • Deep dives: If you are keen to further your knowledge and understanding of a particular aspect of the digital world, why not check out the deep-dive articles? These short learning modules explore specific topics and areas, including cyberbullying, misinformation, sexting and cybersecurity. New modules will be added on a regular basis, providing you with further opportunities to deepen your understanding of the issues that are relevant to your learners.
  • MOOCs (massive open online courses): If you are keen to explore other areas in greater detail, then why not check out the selection of MOOCs offered by the European Schoolnet Academy (in English) and the European network of Safer Internet Centres (available in local languages)?