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About the organisation

BEE SECURE is promoting online safety and the secure use of new information technology. BEE SECURE manages the contact point for the general public with a main focus on children and youngsters. BEE SECURE is an initiative of the Luxembourg government, supported by the European Commission, and run by the National Youth Service (SNJ - Service National de la Jeunesse), the national helpline (KJT - KannerJugendtelefon) and the economic interest group Security made in Lëtzebuerg (SMILE g.i.e.).

Profile last updated: May 2020

Awareness centre


The awareness centre coordinates all activities to promote a safer and responsible use of the internet and mobile technologies: delivering training courses, information and animation at public events, providing eSafety awareness resources on its website and as print material.

Based on the most significant threats and trends, the BEE SECURE awareness centre strives to develop thematic campaigns for each school year with a wide impact and a long-lasting effect.

BEE SECURE campaigns have three objectives: to educate people in a positive way, to create a culture of security and to establish a broader view of information security.

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The BEE SECURE helpline can be reached by the toll-free phone number 8002 1234 and is intended especially for youngsters and their parents. It offers help and advice regarding the use of information and communication technologies as well as the necessary ‘soft skills' to ensure good behavioural practices. The helpline is operated by Luxembourg's general child helpline KannerJugendTelefon.

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The BEE SECURE Stopline project aims to provide a structure enabling illegal internet content (child sexual abuse images, racism and discrimination, terrorism) to be reported anonymously and to deal with these reports in collaboration with the relevant national and international authorities.

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Youth participaton


The BEE SECURE kids/youth panel consists of different groups of children or youngsters who meet on demand to discuss new media and feed back their views on information safety related issues and on emerging trends. The kids and youth panel are valuable tools for the SIC in supporting the development of awareness material and orientate its activities according to new trends.

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Key successes

The mission of BEE SECURE is to promote online safety and the secure use of networked devices among the general public in Luxembourg with a main focus on children and youngsters. As a national information security competence and excellence centre, BEE SECURE supports the implementation of the country's strategy for information safety and security, based on four pillars:

  • Awareness raising and prevention.
  • Intervention and response.
  • Legislation and standardisation.
  • Research and development.

Key successes:

  • Brand awareness - 60.5 per cent in May 2017.
  • Compulsory trainings for all 7th grade school classes.
  • More than 900 trainings at schools, for parents, teachers, at youth houses, etc.
  • Yearly thematic campaigns.
  • About 30 events per year.

Key partners/supporters

Key supporters are:

  • AFP-services a.s.b.l. (Erzéiongs- a Familljeberodung)
  • Anonym Glécksspiller ASBL
  • Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés (ASTI)
  • Association des Senioren-Sëcherheetsberoder Luxembourg (ASSB)
  • Autorité Luxembourgeoise Indépendante de l'Audiovisuel (ALIA)
  • CASES, Ministère de l'Écono
  • Centre d'Animations Pégagogique et de Loisirs (CAPEL)
  • Centre de Gestion Informatique de l'Education (CGIE)
  • Centre de Prévention des Toxicomanies (CEPT)
  • Centre Européen des Consommateurs (CEC) GIE
  • Centre Information jeunes (CIJ)
  • Centre pour l'Egalité de Traitement (CET)
  • Commission Nationale de la Protection des Données (CNPD)
  • ECPAT Luxemburg
  • Eltereschoul Janusz Korcz
  • ENAR Luxembourg (Réseau Européen contre le Racisme)
  • Erwuessebildung
  • Fédération des Association de Parents d'Eleves du Luxembourg (FAPEL)
  • Impuls - Service Thérapeutique Solidarité Jeunes
  • Microsoft Luxembourg
  • Ministère de la Famille et de l'Intégration
  • NorTIC
  • Ombuds-Comité fir d'Rechter vum Kand (ORK)
  • Parquet du Tribunal d'Arrondissement de Luxembourg
  • Police Grand Ducale
  • POST
  • Réseau Téléinformatique de l'Éducation Nationale et de la Recherche (RESTENA)
  • SCRIPT, Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, de l'Enfance et de Jeunesse
  • Technolink
  • Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs (ULC)
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Ville de Luxembourg