Austrian Safer Internet Centre


Vienna, Austria


About the organisation

The Austrian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) exists to promote a safer and better use of the internet and mobile technologies among children and young people.

Profile last updated: January 2022

Awareness centre


The initiative empowers children, parents and teachers to use digital media safely, responsibly and effectively.

Services offered by include:

  • Event service (workshops for schools, parents' evenings, teachers' conferences etc.).
  • Brochure service (free distribution of practice-oriented teachers' and parents' handbooks, flyers for adolescents, privacy guidelines etc.).
  • Online tools such as video tutorials, guidelines, quizzes and e-learning courses.
  • A contact point for journalists.
  • Practical information on online safety on the website, as well as on social media channels.

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Rat auf Draht – the Austrian Helpline – is the most familiar Austrian telephone helpline in general. Since 1987, the emergency number 147 has been an important contact point for children, young people and their caregivers for problems, questions and crisis situations. The emergency number of Rat auf Draht 147 can be reached without area code from all over Austria around the clock, at zero cost and anonymously. Rat auf Draht also offers online consulting and counselling via chat. Because of the close involvement with the Safer Internet Awareness Centre, Rat auf Draht has gained comprehensive expertise and credibility concerning online safety topics.

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The Austrian Hotline, Stopline, was founded in 1998 by the Austrian ISPA as a self-regulatory instrument of the internet industry to give internet users the opportunity to report illegal content they find online.

Stopline provides a web form under and the email address for users to report illegal online content. Two main scopes of activity of the hotline are child pornography and national socialism. The major aim of Stopline is to assist users and ISPs to react to illegal content, and to help law enforcement authorities to act quickly and efficiently.

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Youth participation

Description: maintains a youth platform where children and young people can express their views and exchange knowledge and experiences concerning their use of online technologies and contribute to the design of awareness-raising actions, tools and materials.

The youth platform consists of the three participation elements:

  1. Youth experts and youth ambassadors.
  2. Youth focus groups.
  3. Youth internet monitor.

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Key successes

Successful bottom-up strategy for schools:

  • Nationwide workshops, teachers' handbooks, further education for teachers etc.
  • Visible media campaigns.
  • Close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in Austria.
  • Practice-oriented and innovative awareness materials (privacy guidelines, video tutorials etc.).
  • Broad support from ministries and industry.
  • Nine of ten minors know the helpline.
  • Instant removal of child pornography hosted in Austria (hotline).

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Key partners/supporters

The Austrian Safer Internet Centre consists of the Austrian Awareness Centre (, the Helpline Rat auf Draht ( and the Hotline Stopline ( It is coordinated by the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (ÖIAT, One of the consortium partners is also the Association of Austrian Internet Service Providers (ISPA, cooperates intensely with public authorities, non-governmental organisations and industry partners. The initiative is funded by the European Commission (Safer Internet Programme), federal ministries and the internet industry (A1, Huawei and Facebook).

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