Youth participation in the Better Internet for Kids agenda allows young people to express their views and exchange knowledge and experiences concerning their use of online technologies, as well as tips on how to stay safe.

They also advise on internet safety and empowerment strategy, help create innovative resources and disseminate eSafety messages to their peers.

On this page, you'll find a selection of articles corresponding to youth participation in creating a safer and better internet.

2022-05-20 media literacy/education Polish Safer Internet Centre

Digital Youth Forum 2022 will be available in Ukrainian

The Digital Youth Forum (DYF) is an event designed for youth, by youth, and about youth on creative and innovative uses of new technologies and online safety. Organised by the Empowering Children Foundation as part of the Polish Safer Internet Centre, it’s a meeting of experts and inspiration seekers, creators and consumers, activists and dreamers. 

2022-05-11 media literacy/education BIK Team

The new Better Internet for Kids strategy is out! Introducing BIK+

Today, the European Commission has adopted a new European strategy for a Better Internet for Kids (BIK+), with the aim to improve age-appropriate digital services and to ensure that every child is protected, empowered and respected online. This new strategy comes ten years after the first BIK strategy, and during the European Year of Youth, spotlighting the voices and ideas of young people themselves.

2022-05-11 love, relationships, sexuality (online), media literacy/education, online reputation Austrian Safer Internet Centre

Youth Internet Monitor 2022 is out: Which social networks do young people in Austria use?

Every year, the Austrian Safer Internet Centre presents the current data on the use of different social media platforms by Austrian youth. Which social networks are currently the most popular among young boys and girls in Austria? The results are collected in the Youth Internet Monitor

2022-04-06 advertising/commercialism, cyberbullying, data privacy, hate speech, media literacy/education, potentially harmful content BIK Team

European Year of Youth 2022: We asked – young people answered!

Better Internet for Kids Youth Ambassadors and youth panellists from different countries in Europe were featured in ten short videos where they exchange views on their priorities online, the importance of digital skills, and their perspectives on how to ensure better online experiences in the future

2022-03-30 media literacy/education European Year of Youth 2022 team

The European Year of Youth 2022 spirit: broad, inclusive and impactful

By making 2022 the European Year of Youth, the European Commission honours young people as agents of change and the bearers of ideas to build a better future. A future that will be greener, more digital, more inclusive and more peaceful. 

2022-03-29 media literacy/education, online reputation BIK Team

Spotlighting youth voices in Safer Internet Day celebrations

Children and young people are at the heart of what we do. Indeed, they are the main benefactors of the Safer Internet Day campaign – and the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) agenda more generally – as we unite across the globe to provide a safer and better internet for them, and seek to equip and empower them with the skills, knowledge and support to benefit from all of the wonderful opportunities that the online world has to offer. Youth involvement was very prevalent in the 2022 celebrations.

2022-03-15 media literacy/education BIK Team

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2022 starts today

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum, a global United Nations (UN) multi-stakeholder forum facilitating the implementation of Action Lines for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will run from 15 March until 3 June 2022. 

2022-02-16 cyberbullying, media literacy/education, online reputation, potentially harmful content, technical settings BIK Team

BIK Youth Ambassadors attend Safer Internet Day Twitter Summit

A Safer Internet Day Summit was organised and held by Twitter on 10 February 2022, discussing how to stay safe on the social media platform, and wanting to hear more about the participants’ online safety concerns. For the occasion, 24 Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Ambassadors from all over Europe participated in the event.

2022-02-08 love, relationships, sexuality (online), media literacy/education, online reputation, potentially harmful content BIK Team

The Better Internet for Kids annual report 2021 is out

The Better Internet for Kids review of the year 2021 is released on the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2022, Tuesday, 8 February. 2021 was yet another year overshadowed by the global pandemic, with many children and young people obliged to study and socialise online, as daily life was again disrupted by lockdowns. This report provides an overview of a multitude of stakeholder efforts to both protect and empower in their digital lives. 

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