SIC+ programme: Serbia - Center for Safer Internet (CSI)


Novi Sad, Serbia



About the organisation

Center for Safer Internet (CSI) is a non-governmental and non-profit association founded with the aim of improving the protection of children and young people primarily on the internet, and then in the real world. The Safer Internet Center will achieve its mission by organising activities that are tasked with raising awareness of the potential dangers of excessive and uncontrolled internet use. Also, the Center will conduct education for parents and children who will at the same time teach participants how to prevent accidents at the intermediate level.

Awareness raising

We are currently implementing a project called Web Detectives. It aims to educate school-age children about internet safety and how to report illegal or unintentional content.

Youth participation

In the project, the main actors are school-age children who will be trained to report illegal content they encounter during use through an application.