Policy frameworks

BIK Map - Luxembourg - Framework

Luxembourg has addressed the European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children (BIK) as part of wider national public policies related to BIK. These include Digital Luxembourg, underlining Luxembourg's digitalisation movement; Digital4Education drawing together the digitalisation strategy for the education sector; and the National Cybersecurity Strategy II. In the area of education, mandatory online safety awareness training has been mandatory for all 7th grade classes in Luxembourg since 2008. These take place under the BEE SECURE brand, covering also an extensive set of awareness campaigns and materials and are evaluated by the University of Luxembourg. With regard to cyberbullying, there are no specific laws targeting "cyber-mobbing". However, relevant laws on harassment (Article 442-2 Criminal Code), and Violation of Privacy (Law of 11 August 1982 on the protection of privacy), and Libel, Defamation and Insult (Article 443 and following, Criminal Code) make it possible prosecute cases of cyberbullying.

Policy design

BIK Map - Luxembourg - Design

Policy design is distributed across four to six ministries and is coordinated and managed both at ministerial level and by a multi stakeholder body with responsibility for BIK. An inter-ministerial working group, the Comité de Pilotage or steering committee, with additional members from different public structures is in place. In addition, BEE SECURE Consortium members meet once a month; its Advisory Board meets every six months; with ongoing exchange of members from public bodies/initiatives as well as from the private sector. Arrangements for children to be consulted are in place through BEE SECURE and the Ombudscommittee for the Rights of the Child.

Policy actors

BIK Map - Luxembourg - Actors

BEE SECURE, the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) and National Awareness Centre of Luxembourg, is a joint initiative of the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region, and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. The SIC is run by the National Youth Administration (SNJ, Service National de la Jeunesse), the KannerJugendTelefon (KJT) and the economic interest group SecurityMadein.LU. The SIC leads in all areas of carrying out of activities related to each pillar of BIK, except for the formal education sector which is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. The BEE SECURE Kids and Youth Panel involves participants aged 8-12 years (kids panel) and 13-18 years (youth panel) who give their input on current issues, trends and policies which are taken into account as consultants/opinions from the youth by BEE SECURE.

Breadth of activities
Breadth of activities outlines progress made in Member States delivering initiatives at the national level. Using the full range of recommendations contained in the BIK strategy, the following tables highlight which actions are supported and whether they have increased, stayed the same or decreased in prominence in the last three years for each of the BIK pillars.

BIK Map - LUX - Pillar 1

BIK Map - LUX - Pillar 2

BIK Map - LUX - Pillar 3

BIK Map - LUX - Pillar 4

BIK Map - LUX - Pillar 5