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About the organisation

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) is the reference entity to drive a better Internet for minors in Spain, and it works within the framework of the European Union's BIK strategy. INCIBE manages Internet Segura for Kids, the Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) that takes part in the Insafe and INHOPE networks, and also operates SIC services to promote a safer and better use of the internet and mobile technologies among children and young people: an awareness-raising centre, a helpline, a youth participation initiative, a hotline, and the organisation of the Safer Internet Day (SID).

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Profile last updated: May 2020

Awareness centre


The awareness centre aims to create a culture of awareness about the safer and responsible use of the internet among children, offering a range of services and activities. These services include:

  • Developing national awareness-raising campaigns in digital and traditional media.
  • Organising conferences and events, including CyberCamp and Safer Internet Day (SID), targeting kids, families, educators and professionals working with minors.
  • Developing workshop programmes and training activities for parents and educators to raise awareness about risks, and train them for best practice working with kids.
  • Providing free practical resources such as brochures, guidelines, video tutorials, quizzes, e-learning courses, and handbooks for educators.
  • Spreading its activities and communicating with its public through its social media channels, along with a regular radio programme collaboration.

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Under operation since May 2017, the helpline is a public service and single channel that supports and assists minors, parents and educators and professionals working with minors on how to face risks on the internet, such as harmful content, dangerous contacts and inappropriate behaviours.

Since February 2020, the helpline has changed its number to 017, a short number of national social interest, granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

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INCIBE collaborate with the Spanish relevant authorities (LEAs and the Public Prosecutor's Office) on establishing the legal basis for the operation of the hotline. In 2018, INCIBE became a provisional member of the INHOPE network, participating in its international meetings.

Youth participation


The youth participation initiative tries to show how children and adolescents can help create a safer internet through cyber security and the responsible use of the internet, looking for positive opportunities to create, participate and share useful content for all. This initiative is part of the actions carried out by the SIC-SPAIN consortium.

The cornerstone of the young people's panel is the Cibercorresponsales' website "La Pinza", by Plataforma de Infancia, although the development of the young people's participation initiative encompass other activities run by SIC-Spain partners Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Pantallas Amigas and Fundación Aprende a Mirar.

Key successes

Key successes of the Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC), IS4K, include:

  • Launch of the SIC website,, with awareness-raising content and tools and the helpline section.
  • Operation of the Spanish Helpline, and launch of the short and socially related telephone number 017 associated with cybersecurity and safe use situations, granted by the Government of Spain (launched in February 2020).
  • Participation in the INHOPE network as a provisional member.
  • Organisation of Safer Internet Day (SID) in Spain since 2017, including awareness raising and training activities and public events, with the participation of Queen Letizia in the 2019 and 2020 editions.
  • Launch of the Spanish youth participation initiative, gathering relevant actors to develop the action.
  • Fostering cooperation with the main stakeholders involved (young people, families, educators, law and health professionals, digital service providers, law enforcement bodies, and so on).
  • Development of awareness initiatives for parents, educators and other professionals working on the matter.
  • Development of interactive tools and games directed to the general population.
  • Participation in relevant events at national and international level.
  • Development of SIC-SPAIN Project led by INCIBE focusing on three main lines of activity: continuity and reinforcement of the current activity of the Spanish SIC, improvement of coordination for awareness raising through the public-private consortium, and strengthening of the presence of the Spanish SIC in the INHOPE network.

Key partners/supporters

Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K) is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.