Dutch Safer Internet Centre


Leidschendam, Netherlands



About the organisation

The Dutch Safer Internet Centre exists to promote a safer and better use of the internet and mobile technologies among children and young people.

Profile last reviewed: July 2020

Awareness centre


The awareness centre is responsible for national coordination (aligning the programmes and projects of ministries, NGOs and private partners). It focusses on awareness raising on safer internet issues, by a website, campaigns, events and working groups.

Email address: info@veiliginternetten.nl
Website: http://www.veiliginternetten.nl
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Offlimits.nl strives for a safer online world, with a special focus on preventing and combatting online sexual (child) abuse. The Child Sexual Exploitation Materials Hotline, Helpwanted and Stop it Now initiatives support this overarching objective.

Email address: info@offlimits.nl
Website: https://offlimits.nl
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The "Meldpunt ter bestrijding van Kinderpornografie op Internet" (the hotline combating child pornography on the internet) is part of the Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (EOKM), an independent private foundation officially opened by the Ministry of Security and Justice in June 1996. The Dutch hotline was created at the initiative of internet providers joined in the (now dissolved) NLIP, as well as individual internet users. Its main objective is to contribute to the reduction of the distribution of child abuse material via the internet.

Email address: info@meldpunt-kinderporno.nl
Website: http://www.meldpunt-kinderporno.nl

Youth participation


The youth panel (Digiraad) consists of around 15 young people from 11-18 years old that advise the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) on activities: they make videos, they check awareness material, they advise SIC partners on content for young people, they give input in discussions and seminars of the SIC and/of partners, and provide advice to ministries.

Email address: contact@digiraad.net
Website: http://www.digiraad.net
Social media:

Key successes

Public private partnerships (PPPs) is the main expertise of the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in the Netherlands. The Dutch SIC has a long history of public private partnerships and has managed to get ministries and private partners on board with no exclusivity (everyone can join), aligning safety, skills, digital literacy, media literacy and cyber security programmes on a national level.

The SIC is also experienced in organising large campaigns, big events and expert sessions.

The Dutch hotline deals with 30,000 reports a year with a small team. This is a huge amount to deal with, and hence the SIC is extremely proud that it manages to get this awful material removed from the internet as fast as possible.

Key partners/supporters

Key supporters of the Dutch Safer Internet Centre include:

  • The Ministry of Economic Affairs (telecommunication law and responsibility regarding industry, so funding the awareness node).
  • Ministry of Safety and Justice (cyber security and funding the hotline and the helpline).
  • Ministry of Social Welfare (funding the helpline).
  • Ministry of Education (funding a media literacy programme).

All relevant NGOs and knowledge centres participate in expert groups or the Advisory Board.

Additionally, private partners in the telecommunication sector - all the largest ISP's, mobile providers and the hosting sector - are supporting the centre, both financially and by taking part in the working groups and Advisory Board.