European Cyber Security Month and cyber hygiene resources

**European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is celebrated each October; this content largely refers to the 2018 edition (which was marked within the frame of the #SaferInternet4EU campaign) and remains here for information purposes only.**

Each October, we will celebrate European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), an EU initiative launched in October 2012 by by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), the European Commission's DG CONNECT and partners. It aims to generate general awareness about cybersecurity, more specifically on Network and Information Security (NIS), and to promote safer use of the internet for all users by involving all relevant stakeholders.

This campaign is in line with the EU's Cybersecurity Strategy (An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace), which was published jointly by the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in 2013, and aims to clarify the principles that should guide cybersecurity policy in the EU and internationally.

Throughout the month of October, ENISA and its partners will publish reports, organise events and activities such as trainings, strategy summits, general presentations to users, online quizzes, and so on. Each week will focus on a specific topic:

  • Week 1 – 1 to 5 October: Practice Basic Cyber Hygiene
    During this week, the public will discover daily routines and checks they can establish to stay safe online.
  • Week 2 – 8 to 12 October: Expand your Digital Skills and Education
    This theme aims to explore the opportunities offered by new technologies to citizens and organisations.
  • Week 3 – 15 to 19 October: Recognise Cyberscams
    This week will be dedicated to teaching the public how to identify deceiving content in order to keep both themselves and their finances safe online.
  • Week 4 – 22 to 26 October: Emerging Technologies and Privacy
    This theme focuses on new technologies and their potential impact on users' privacy and online safety.

ECSM is highly relevant to Better Internet for Kids (BIK) activities because advancing cybersecurity skills and education of younger generations is important for keeping them safe online. It helps them develop routine cyber hygiene practices, which they can then transfer to others and use to protect society. Nurturing cybersecurity skills helps children and young people defend themselves online, enabling them to become more resilient, self-reliant and confident – all strong positive qualities for an inspiring future generation.

To celebrate ECSM, the BIK team has worked with ENISA and DG CONNECT to produce learning modules as part of the #SaferInternet4EU campaign. To learn more about this initiative, read our article on it.

For more information, including a map of the activities taking place in the framework of ECSM, visit the website and read the ENISA press release. You can also follow the activities throughout the month on Twitter @CyberSecMonth and using the hashtag #CyberSecMonth.

See also the presentation by the EC's DG DIGIT on the importance of being cyber aware (click on the image to launch):

DG DIGIT cyber aware presentation

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