My Digital Citizen Pledge

Author: Lorcan Tuohy

This digital pledge reviews the risks encountered when sharing information (media literacy, critical thinking), interacting with other people online (online privacy, cyberbullying), and building up a digital footprint. It also reminds viewers of the opportunities offered by the internet and the potential of new technologies in helping others. This digital pledge ends with a question to viewers: what is your digital pledge? This project therefore encourages young people to think about how they use the internet, and to get involved in making the digital world a better place by making their own pledge.

As a Safer Internet Day Ambassador, Lorcan shared his idea with students aged 12-15 at his school to raise awareness of the dangers online and to think about ways in which the internet can support and multiply opportunities for young people. The pledge was also shared on social media to raise awareness and encourage other schools and young people to make their own pledges. This resource exemplifies student voice, and as a peer-to-peer resource might therefore have a higher impact on the students themselves than content produced by adults. The digital pledge initiative is easily replicable in various contexts and formats, helping to spark discussions about the risks and opportunities of the internet in many different situations. It encourages young people to be responsible and aware of their online activities. See the pledge in full at

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