Qwwwiz "Stay Safe Online" App

Author: Students from the High School of Tichero

The "Stay Safe Online" quiz consists of 20 questions describing the everyday activities of a young person online. The user must answer according to his/her own usual online behaviour. The app tackles fake news, cyberbullying, online privacy, online gaming, etc. … The Tichero high school students conceived the programme entirely by themselves, including collecting information, translating, selecting images, coding, testing and improving the app. The Tichero high school organised two events to introduce the application to primary and secondary students, and to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2018.

Through this project, senior students themselves were able to educate junior students about online safety and act as mentors. The format of the resource – a mobile app – is interesting as it is highly attractive to children and encourages discussion about the risks of the web 2.0 outside of the classroom. The questions chosen are highly applicable to the respondent's daily lives. Moreover, working on creating a mobile app allowed the high school students to develop some skills in IT and coding.

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