Be Strong Online

Author: The Diana Award

The Be Strong Online Ambassadors Programme consists of ten online learning modules on cyberbullying, critical thinking, digital footprint, selfies, gaming and social media, and a series of training events. As The Diana Award believes that young people are the best agents for change in their schools, communities and online, the programme aims to empower young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to run interactive learning sessions on online safety and to promote positive online behaviour and digital resilience in their schools. Over 3,000 young people and staff in UK schools have been trained as Be Strong Online Ambassadors. Young people are involved in shaping the content of the programme and ensure that it remains relevant to the online issues becoming prevalent in schools. Staff members are given a dedicated training session and workbook to equip them with the skills needed to harness their students' knowledge and enthusiasm.

This programme is a unique offering for schools in the UK as the training events are free to attend, and online resources mean that Be Strong Online teams have the flexibility to adapt the programme to their needs and track their progress. The Diana Award offers aftercare support for schools throughout the academic year to offer extra resources and follow-up visits. This ensures that schools remain engaged with the programme and it is sustained year on year.   

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