Author: Deutsche Telekom

Teachtoday consists of several components, all favouring active learning. An online portal is available to parents, grandparents and educators in seven European languages. Teachtoday edits a print magazine for children called SCROLLER whose main characters, Tom and Trixi, also appear in a related series of online explanatory videos, dealing with issues such as social networks, data privacy, online games and online shopping. Every year, Teachtoday also organises an awareness-raising contest called "Media sure! But secure." and gives the award winners the chance to turn their ideas into projects. During a yearly "Summit for Kids" in Bonn over 140 children participate in a series of workshops on online safety and media literacy. The Media Obstacle Course is a fun and playful way to get children thinking about media literacy, online privacy and cyberbullying. Teachtoday also provides a Media Competency Test for children and teenagers, available in seven languages.
By bringing together families, educational professionals and children, the organisation aims to develop critical thinking among the latter. It also strives to promote social equity by addressing the digital divide between people who do not use digital media or only superficially on the one hand, and those who use digital media in an active and opportunity-oriented manner, on the other. 

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